Veterans Affairs (VA) Loans

Maximizing your benefits under the Veteran Affairs program.

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Overview of VA Loans

Empowering eligible veterans and active duty service members to fully capitalize on their entitled Veterans Affairs benefits, this specialized type of loan provides a myriad of advantages. VA loans not only feature less restrictive credit criteria, but they also offer 100% financing options and eliminate the need for private mortgage insurance (PMI). This makes it easier to achieve the dream of homeownership and significantly reduces the financial barriers that you may encounter with conventional loans.

VA Loan Key Takeaways

Assisting eligible veterans and active duty service members in fully savoring the benefits entitled to them under the VA program.

Competitive Rates

VA loans offer competitive rates and flexible credit requirements, providing you with greater access to home financing.

Purchasing Power

Offering 100% financing options for eligible individuals to start their homeownership journey without a down payment burden.

Save Money

VA loans spare borrowers from private mortgage insurance, offering a financial advantage by avoiding its extra costs.

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For example purposes, a home worth $450,000 obtaining a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with 0% down at a note rate of 7.125% and an APR of 7.373% would have a monthly Principal and Interest payment of $3,031.73.