Our Home Loan Process

At Right By You Mortgage, our entire team has the same focus: making it easy for you to get to closing. You’ll get frequent updates throughout the mortgage process, and with local loan officers, you can expect a rapid response to any questions you may have. We’ll help you move from pre-approval to holding the keys to your new home in six easy steps.

Required Mortgage Documents

To help make the mortgage process easier, our loan team has provided a list of items you will need to collect during the application process. View the complete list of required documents.

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With our Right By You Guarantee, you will have peace of mind in knowing your loan will close on time so that you can move into your home as scheduled! If you don’t close on time, we pay the buyer and the seller $500. Learn how you can qualify for the Right By You Guarantee.

Get Pre-Approved.

Share information with your loan officer on your income, assets, debts, and credit history. Your loan officer then will be able to educate you about how much house you can afford, review preliminary loan programs, closing costs, and payment options with you, and provide a letter to give your future seller confidence in your offer.

Find Your Home.

For the most up-to-date listings and accurate prices, find a qualified Realtor who can help you negotiate everything that should be included in your purchase agreement.

Start Your Loan Application.

Your loan officer will gather all of your documents needed for loan underwriting. You’ll then sign your Application, Loan Estimate, all applicable State and Federal Disclosures, and lock in your interest rate. Lastly we’ll help you review your Loan Estimate and Disclosures carefully, and if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Processing and Underwriting Begin.

The Right By You Mortgage team will start working to verify the documentation you provided, order your appraisal, insurance and title work, then re-calculate your income and debt to confirm your eligibility.

You’re Approved!

Congratulations! Your loan has been fully approved and you can proceed to close on your new home! Your Closing Disclosure, which confirms your closing cost, payments, and cash needed for closing, should be issued at least three days prior to your closing. Review it carefully and ask our team if you have any questions.

Closing is here! Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!

Sign your final Closing Disclosure, Note, Mortgage/Deed of Trust, and all of your applicable State and Federal Disclosures. Once that’s complete your loan officer will fund your loan and the attorney will help disburse that money to the seller and their bank as needed. Next you get to pick up your keys and start moving into your new home!