Second Home Loan

A second home means the vacation never has to end!

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Overview of Second Home Loans

Transform your getaways into a permanent escape by bidding farewell to hotel rooms and rentals. Let your favorite vacation destination become your home away from home with the expert assistance of Right By You Mortgage. We’re here to turn your dream of owning a second home into a tangible reality, offering an array of great loan options tailored to suit your unique needs.

Second Home Loan Key Takeaways

Say goodbye to hotel rooms and rentals and make your favorite vacation destination your home away from home.

Flexible Terms

Explore our diverse mortgage options with terms ranging from 15 to 30 years and competitive fixed-rate financing to help you budget and plan.

Purchasing Power

Unlock greater financial flexibility as you explore the possibilities of our financing options, allowing you to secure funding for up to 85% of your purchase price.

Maximum Loan Amount

Unlock the potential for a second home with our generous loan offerings, allowing you to access a maximum loan amount of $766,550.1

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Find a Mortgage Loan Officer

Our expert loan officers are here to help you navigate the mortgage process with confidence. Get answers and personalized guidance to pave your path to homeownership today!



Where can I see current mortgage rates?

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Connect with a local mortgage loan officer to learn more about our competitive rates. 

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  1. Amount may vary by location. Subject to change at any time. Please contact your local loan officer for loans larger than $766,550.

For example purposes, a home worth $450,000 obtaining a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with 15% down at a note rate of 8.625% and an APR of 8.943% would have a monthly Principal and Interest payment of $2,975.05.