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Mortgage Required Documentation

You will need to gather information about your income, assets, liabilities, and property details. Your lender may request specific information based on your personal situation and type of loan, but, in general, you should at least gather the items below:

  • One month of pay stubs
  • Two years of W-2s and tax returns
  • Two months of bank statements on all accounts
  • Sales contract and copies of the due diligence and/or deposit checks for the home you’re purchasing
  • Contact information for your landlord, HR department, and any debts that you may be paying off
  • Any applicable additional documents, such as:
    • Divorce Decree/Separation Agreement
    • Bankruptcy paperwork
    • Letters of explanation on any derogatory debts
    • Gift letter
    • P&L statements for self-employed borrowers

Mortgage Calculator

Estimated Monthly Payments
30 Year Fixed / 4.25% Interest
Principal & Interest: $1,206
Homeowners Insurance: $93
Property Taxes: $274