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120 Day Lock & Shop Program

Are you concerned about rising mortgage interest rates while you shop for your dream home? Our Lock & Shop program lets you shop for a home – worry free. Instead of locking in your interest rate after you’ve chosen your home, our Lock & Shop program allows you to lock your mortgage interest rate first, then take the time you need to search for a home you love. Plus, your rate is locked and protected for up to 120 days – even if interest rates increase!

  • Shop with confidence knowing you’re pre-approved for a loan and have a guaranteed interest rate
  • Interest rate protected for up to 120 days1
  • No property address required at the time of application and rate lock
  • 100% Home Loan, Jumbo Mortgage, Loans for Business Owners, and Conventional2 Loan programs eligible
  • Available for primary and secondary residences only3
  • Hands-on, local mortgage loan officers to guide you through the process

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Talk to us about locking in your rate for peace of mind during the home buying process.


1. Upfront 0.50% lock-in fee required at the time of lock. Borrower will receive half of the fee back at closing as a lender credit. If the borrower has not found a home at the end of 120 days and is still actively looking for a home, the rate will adjust to the lender’s current market rate and the borrower will no longer be eligible for the lender credit at closing.
2. Portfolio 10-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgage and adjustable-rate mortgage products only.
3. Up to 70% loan-to-value available on secondary residences for Fidelity Bank customers that meet the portfolio requirements of a primary residence within 75 miles of a Fidelity Bank branch.