Are you working with a mortgage company that gives you and your clients the competitive edge in the current housing market? If not, join our Preferred Lender Program!

If you are a real estate professional or homebuilder, you already know time is of the essence and every detail counts when it comes to the mortgage process. Even a small mistake can cause lengthy delays, or worse, derail the entire process. While this is bad for the homebuyer, it also directly impacts you and your bottom line.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that your client isn’t at fault for problems or delays in getting a home loan. The process can be complicated, especially for first-time buyers. It’s understandable that some people may need extra help. Working with a lender that provides excellent communication can be a huge benefit!

However, a survey from 2022 showed that only 28% of mortgage lenders are meeting customer needs in terms of communication and responsiveness. This can add additional layers of stress and delays for you and your client.

Ensuring your clients are working with a lender that truly cares about their experience can give you a competitive edge, especially in today’s housing market. Joining our Preferred Lender Program can help!

Designed exclusively for real estate professionals and homebuilders, this program is a testament to our commitment to being Right By You and streamlining the home loan process for your clients. Read on to learn the top five reasons to join our Preferred Lender Program and how to get started!


Why Join Our Preferred Lender Program

1. Enjoy A Streamlined Home Loan Process

Picture this: your clients are excitedly planning their dream home, and you’ve carefully guided them through the process. The last thing anyone wants is a delay in the home loan process that can jeopardize the entire deal.

By joining our Preferred Lender Program, a streamlined home loan process is something you can expect. Our dedicated team of local experts ensures a smooth and efficient mortgage process to help prevent any unwarranted delays that could result in an unhappy client or lead to anxious sellers.

2. Work With Partners You Can Trust

Navigating the mortgage landscape can be complex, but with Right By You Mortgage, you’re partnering with seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry. Your focus can remain on what you do best: guiding your clients to their ideal home.

3. Personalized Service Without Compromise

We understand that every homebuyer has unique needs and circumstances. Cookie-cutter solutions from online mortgage companies fall short in addressing these individualities. With the Preferred Lender Program, Right By You Mortgage offers a tailored experience that caters to each homebuyer’s specific needs. This personalized approach empowers you to assist clients effectively, ensuring they get the best-suited home loan options.

4. Competitive Rates & Options

Many people assume that the best home loan rates can only be offered by national mortgage lenders. Our program offers homebuyers great rates and top-tier customer service. Your clients can now enjoy the best of both worlds – financial savings and an exceptional home buying experience.

5. Save Time With Increased Efficiency

Time is money, especially in the world of real estate. Our loan officers are local and our operations team is in-house which allows for fast turnaround times and unparalleled communication. In fact, we pride ourselves on a mortgage approval timeline of typically 30 days or less.

How are we able to do this? All of our loan officers and operations team have a direct line of communication to underwriters and key decision-makers. Should any issue arise, our team can quickly navigate the situation and provide the best possible solution. On the flip side, should homebuyers have any questions, we can get answers quickly – sometimes in just a few hours!

How To Join Our Preferred Lender Program

The Preferred Lender Program is entirely free to join. There are no costs, no obligations to refer clients to Right By You Mortgage – we simply want to empower you with the tools and support you need to succeed. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional or a visionary homebuilder, our program is tailor-made to meet your needs and enhance your clients’ experiences.

Ready to get started? Reach out to one of our many local mortgage experts today. Discover how Right By You Mortgage’s Preferred Lender Program can transform your business and change the way you approach the home loan process. You and your clients deserve the best, and we’re here to ensure you both get it.